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Goals, New Years Resolutions etc…

2017-goalsDo you make them? Do you think about it and then say forget? Did you know that only 1 out 20 people will actually be successful with their resolutions? Do you want to know why? Do you want to know how you can be successful? I’ll share with you what I’ve learned.

In general people are far too vague with their goal. We say things like “get into better shape, eat healthy, lose weight, improve health, exercise everyday at 5 am” the list goes on and on.

The first step to creating your Resolutions/Goals is to brainstorm all of the things you want to work on for the year. After you have your list, take time to research each goal and figure out what it really means. This process is called “Reverse Engineering”. You need to understand what it really means and what it requires you to do in order to reach the goal and most importantly if you are willing to do what is required. Once you have that completed, it’s time to break that down into monthly, weekly and daily goals. It’s so much more achievable when you break it down.

Let me share with you where I first started . . . Way back when (2004), I had gone to NYC and saw a friend run in the NYC Marathon. I was so impressed by this and thought “wow, I’m going to do that”. A few months later I joined 24HR Fitness and was on my way with the goal of running a marathon. I hopped on the treadmill and quickly realized I was in no condition to run. I was disappointed in myself but for the next month I continued to try. By month 2 (February), I was meeting with a gym counselor to cancel my membership.

His first question was Why? I began to share my goal and frustration and he kind of laughed at my goal under his breathe. I was hurt by his reaction and really wanted to run and hide (and go eat something very unhealthy to make myself feel better). But I sat there waiting for the perfect time to get up and the next thing I knew I had the PT Manager sitting with me. He convinced me to give him a month before canceling. That in this month I would not be able to run a marathon but I would see results and he would teach me what was needed to accomplish such a task.

I share this story because often times our goals are so BIG, they are doable if you create the right plan for them and do the work.

I personally don’t create a New Years Resolution. Instead, I create a list of things I would like to work on and each month I tackle just 1 or 2 of them. The cool thing is the compound effect that happens. What I mean is that for 1 month I’m focusing on improving 2 areas of my life and when month 2 comes along I’ve now made it a habit to do month 1 items and am now focusing on month 2. This is how you create your healthy lifestyle. There is no diet, there is no starting over from scratch. You wake up and go, do more, be more, be better than yesterday.

If you’ve struggled in the past with Goal Planning or Resolutions, it’s time to try a different approach. I will share with you my 12 years of experience (I’ve tried a lot of things). Its not always easy but it is worth it!


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